The revenge Jordi Cruz and MasterChef Saray that leaves TVE with the mouth open


Jordi Cruz with Saray

May 11, 2020
(16:02 CET)

Last week Saray it became topic of the day due to his embarrassing episode lived in MasterChef. The exconcursante gave record audience for the program with his shameful cooking of the last test. From the first moment Saray knew that was playing in the elimination. The members of the jury had been penalized with the an apron black for her little kitchen and especially for its attitude in front of their peers.

saray masterchef

Since then, he knew that he was crucified and did everything possible to leave the program. In fact ensures that he really wanted to leave, but could not abandon the contract. “I had a contract, could not leave.” In fact she did not aspired to be a professional cook, nor even to devote themselves to this in any way. It is more revealed than ever was presented to the casting of the program. Another blow to the company and to the jury of MasterChef. It reveals everything.

Apparently a person writing takes care of seek profiles suitable for the program, beyond the 30,000 applicants to that of the medium are presented every year to do the tests. “Nor I had thought about it in no time, but a writer that is dedicated to search profiles contacted by me”recalls, and ensures that you never intended to deceive anyone: “I told them that she knew how to cook what is typical of a house but nothing more and, as they insisted, I decided to introduce myself”.

In addition, the educator’s social confesses that “my dish was actually a form of reivindicarme, a way of saying ‘gentlemen, I’m not going to cook more so that I would humble yourselves’“explains in relation to his famous “Dead bird on top of a dish“. The contestant hopes that MasterChef will open many doors, especially in Telecinco. As revealed in a radio programme, to Saray he would love to participate in the next edition of Survivors. Something that due to its profile it would not be far-fetched. Telecinco already told in one of its editions, and won, a contestant on the talent show culinary.