The right to happiness


In the text of the Declaration of Independence of the united States of America, is held up as a self-evident truth, that it is an inalienable right in addition to life and liberty, the pursuit of happiness. It is very complex to define with accuracy in which consists the happiness to be an emotional state so subjective, it can be that feeling of well-being or a brief moment of satisfaction to achieve our goals, in different areas of life. We will then be true that every human being that dwelt, dwells and will dwell on this planet, constantly seeks happiness, then at the path temporary of this wonderful space called life, the pursuit of “being happy” begins. The newborn will search for your instant happiness in satisfying your hunger in the womb, to feel the warm embrace of her mother, to immediately take a warm nap in the most silent haven of tranquility. That extraordinary and sublime box of happiness. But, what if the baby has lost his mother? I will refer to this circumstance later. It takes years, that little baby will grow and the inevitable influence of the social construct will make you think that requires other satisfiers, many of them created to make you believe that possessing them will make you achieve happiness when you achieve them. In that moment life becomes a continuous and fierce competition to reach the so longed for happiness, and right there dear reader it seems to me, unless your best opinion, the great tragedy that happens to this mankind since several centuries ago, the competition fierce by the relentless pursuit of happiness distant and abstract, that is to say, happiness as an individual goal, a place where everyone wants to go, no matter what, or in spite of who, by a false promise invented for control systems that offer happiness of the self as a panacea. So, over the centuries, they have become truths to be systemic, and they have placed the label of “self-evident truths”, as occurred in the above-mentioned Statement, in your so-called seemingly legitimate to seek happiness and I say apparent, because his proclamation is to the pursuit of individual happiness, in the singular not plural. Insurance had not noticed, but the liberal tradition – bourgeois, which recognizes a series of rights, “individual” is very emphatic in this sense, happiness liberal view in appearance of right, is one of individualism, that intentionally lines ago I put out the example of the baby, of course, he drinks deserve to be happy, what baby does not deserve to be?, but it does depend on if you same to be, from the tender age dependent on another person, to be precise of his mother and his mother also depends on adequate conditions to carry out their maternity. That’s what I mean in this column, dear reader, that the individual happiness that is sucked into the systems or individualistic, is not or much less a happiness autonomic as we have been led to believe, happiness is co-dependent of all in a “social fabric” -as today it is said – in what is politically correct. Friend reader, there are naked truths that should be said as they are, without beating about the bush, get used to our ears to hear them can be expressed with all clarity: we live in societies unhappy. Of these societies we are a part, States, their governments, and we all are responsible, because we keep replicating the systematic search of “my” happiness and not “our” happiness as a species. States liberals and socialists have been wrong, because both start from false premises, the first will let you make and spend, the seconds want to control everything. It is in no way utopian to think that it is possible to change the paradigm, can and should be, the proposal from a renewed humanism, the individual’s happiness must be changed to the happiness of mankind, in a relationship of solidarity and cooperation, then yes, States will have a valid justification, neither the complacent nor the gendarmes, as the live none of us has ever worked, so since this column is heard very loud in the lofty sounding office where he designed public policies require that: “the facilitators”, States that serve the people and not the people to the States. Rethinking the State from the less common senses, the common sense. The proposal is the change of paradigm from the bottom up, I mean the children and youth of today, change that by the way already started, have You talked about -seriously – with their grandchildren or with their teenage children? I’ve got news for them they understand that being happy is directly linked to the happiness of another important (and with and), understand perfect that we are not nor do we live alone, the tree is destroyed today will be the shadow that will not have your granddaughter tomorrow, that the clean energies, wind and solar do not require hydro or thermo electric as they devastate the ecosystem, the public money that is invested in science, preventive health, and quality education will always be higher than the one allocated to the weapons. So dear reader I invite you to us to add to the generation of violent, tell them (tell us at times), to critical “generation liquid”, because it is outside of the “traditional values”, and that’s good, the children and young people talk different (Greta Thunberg), because for centuries -in a liberalism stark – was practiced as a “value” the pursuit of individual happiness regardless of the other, but we had not stopped to think about: what if the baby has lost his mother?, because among [email protected] we must get on with it at all. For a happiness that is inclusive with rights emerging.

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