The series that Chris Pratt will come to the small screen


We adore this guy. Without a doubt, Chris Pratt is the big star of the last few years. The mixture of talent, charm and sympathy of the great actor is incomparable. Papers like the Star-Lord of Marvel or the Owen of Jurassic World have served him to become one of the favorites of the public. To make matters worse, within the industry the raffle. The good of Pratt can afford to pick and choose, and now he has put between eyebrow and eyebrow a jump to the small screen that is already in progress.

Amazon Prime Video has given the green light to The Terminal List. The series will bring us closer to the figure of a SEAL who returns home after a secret mission in which his battalion is ambushed. The return home will not be the expected, when you start to detect a strange conspiracy that will risk his family and himself.

Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) repeat next to Chris Pratt after The Magnificent Seven. For the moment, what is clear is that The Terminal List has a pintaza as to fall out of ass.