The two things that you will never see eat Jennifer Lopez because she hates


Last week we read in ‘US Weekly’ the words of Kevin Fernandezthe cook took care of the menus of Jennifer Lopez and his entire body of dance during the preparation of the Super Bowl (unpublished images of the trials, shared by her), in detailing how orderly was the artist with their diet before a big event. Especially, with the issue of carbohydrate intake and different types of these that we find in food.

Now, it is the same publication which brings to light another of the great secrets of the singer with respect to the food. A detail that also offers Kevin and talk about the two things you never see eating JLosimply because you can’t see in front.

The first of them is the salmon. As brought to light by Fernandez, this can not stand the texture of this fish. And I was more than warned that he did not want to see no trace on your plate. This explains that, in order to include fish in your diet, used to sea bass or cod to you do not go crazy the diva of the Bronx.

But, what is the other thing that is not able to eat? The berries. And that their children, Emme and Max, are true fans of the juice of this fruit. We assume that the taste for the same will be transferred to their father, Marc Anthony, because when JLo banish something from your kitchen, it does so without the opportunity to be able to become part of the food in your fridge or your pantry.

“These are things that you learn with time. I can not give an exact number of the amount of times that I have askedtime and time again, on the dietary restrictions and allergies just by not wanting to be wrong, but what you know,” adds Kevin on the delicacy with which you have to behave when serving the table of a star at the height of this.