The whim that Margot Robbie does not want to surrender or when is a diet


To be an actress is not always easyespecially when preparing for a character, you are required, to maintain the line and to learn some concrete skills. This happened to Margot Robbie when he had to get under the skin of a figure skater professional ‘I, Tonya’.

It is not the only time that he has had to follow a strict diet and trainingalso happened for it to become Harley Quinn for ‘suicide Squad’.

The actress has confessed that it is not able to follow a strict diet because they feel unhappy when they do not eat. Therefore, although you try to eat healthy, do not let this obsessed him, and always allows for some fancy.

That yes, when preparing for a role, things are very different. In these cases follows a few specific rules that will never fail to get in shape, completely eliminate from your diet saturated fats, junk food, sugary drinks and chocolate.

She stated the hamburgers, fries and the beer, you know that this is not the most convenient for a healthy diet. So do not hesitate to give it up in favour of products more ‘healty’. So, when you work you try to change your eating habits and eat more healthy and clean.

For breakfast usually opt for porridge or porridge with fruits of the forest, or a green smoothie of kale and apple. To eat a, lean protein with vegetables and whole grains, such as lemon chicken with brown rice.

For dinner, opt for fish like tuna, which is often accompanied with vegetables. Yes, by very strict is the diet you are following, has confessed that he does not surrender to occasionally take a glass of wine or two.

Margot assures us that it is a woman of extremes, of “all or nothing” came to declare. Not always follows a diet that is completely healthy, even though he knows that there are occasions in which your job requires you to take things more seriously.

To be consistent with guidelines for healthy eating costs a lot, but yes, and you could enjoy the physical exercise. To make their characters more famous had to train very demanding.

Now, in addition to continue to surfing as a good australian, the actress seems to have given up before the benefits of Pilates, an exercise very complete and with the which does not hesitate to maintain her statuesque figure.