this is his list of 50 songs on ‘Spotify’


  • Rita Ora, Jessie J, Billie Eilish or Norah Jones are some of the artists that are within this list is intended for the confinement.
    • So this is the story of love between Aitana and Miguel Bernardeau.

      Two months in isolation brings good things as the willingness of many artists to participate in new initiatives (the famous we have been telling here how they are making it more bearable confinement). Now, Aitana are encouraged to share a list of Spotify with a collection of 50 subjects to be at home. Other artists have also created their own lists: Alejandro Sanz has focused his selection thinking at the time of cooking, C. Tangana at the time of the training, and Kidd Keo you have created your list to help you in your time of ‘gaming’.

      Aitana, which is now part of the jury of The Voice Kids (with David Bisbal), has wanted to compose this list, entitled ‘At home with: Aitana’ to be with you at this time where the #Yomequedoencasa, has become the best mantra that you can follow for yourself and for the society.

      Songs to many times

      In total, in his ‘playlist’ you can find the themes that the artist listens to these days, such as ‘Your Song’ (Rita Ora) , ‘What Do You Mean?’ (Justin Bieber), ‘When the party’s over’ (Billie Eilish) or ‘There’s Nothing holdin ‘ out’ Me Back’ (Shawn Mendes). There has also been hollow for Maroon 5, Jessie J and Zara Larsson, and surprises with great songs national. Some example: ‘Although you do not know’ (Enrique Urquijo), ‘the man at The piano’ (Ana Belén) or ‘Falling’ of the recently departed Luis Eduardo Aute. Jewels of Spanish singers are worthy of that they are always among our favorites, of course.

      The former triunfita also wanted to share how you are living these #DíasExtraordinarios of pandemic. Does one of your pillars? The music. “It helps Me relax, to focus, to be more creative. I am happy in my saddest days and it makes me cry of emotion in my happiest days. The music has always been the most important thing, and now, much more,” admits the artist.

      And on the same day that launches this musical selection, Aitana has also announced in the networks, a small pump: today at 21:00 hours, there will be direct because “it has something to tell us.” A ‘streaming’ to which we are little accustomed, and in which it will appear… it accompanied!

      What will it be? Do a new song? What new collaboration to the view? Without mood of speculating, what is clear is that we will not miss your appointment to know what it is. And, in the meantime… we enjoy giving you the ‘play’ of the list ‘At home with: Aitana’.