This is how Chris Pratt could be seen as Hercules in the new version of Disney


The last remake of live action in the works of the Mouse House is HerculesA new version of the Disney animated film of 1997 that gave to the ancient Greek myths with a twist of fun and family. Marvel paramount that the brothers Russo are onboard to produce, but we don’t yet know who will star in the film. However, with the Russos involved, does not seem a stretch to imagine an actor of MCU to interpret the muscular holder.

As Chris Pratt, for example. Pratt has often been a popular choice for a Herc live-action over the years, thanks to his personality of screen to gel with the personality of good character who is the hero in the animated movie. However, if you need some convincing, this amazing poster made by fans for the remake gives us an idea of how it could look in the part. The digital artist ApexForm created the piece, which also suggests some of the cast of fans that are quite accurate.


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As the heavenly father of Hercules, Zeus, the artist has released another star of the MCU, Josh Brolin. Meanwhile, Willem Dafoe is the guy evil Herc, Hades, god of the underworld. As his love interest Megara, ApexForm has chosen to Ana De Armas. In another place, thanks to the interpretation of the most animal of the character, you may not recognize it, but the intention is that the coach of Satyr Philoctetes is played again by Danny DeVito, what we know is something that the fans show inflexible.

Of course, these are all options strong. Brolin would be an excellent choice for Zeus, without a doubt, while Dafoe definitely have the sinister side of Hades. That said, I’m not sure that can match the personality of comic and of rapid speech of James Woods that made the villain so popular in the original. And in terms Of Weapons, it would also be great, although I think that there might be other actresses more suitable for the character as brash and cynical Meg.

Tell us, however, who want to see star in the live-action. Hercules? Sounds below with your thoughts.