To Hailey Baldwin bothers to criticize the acne of Justin Bieber


  • Hailey Baldwin has applauded to the users of the Internet by the outbreaks of acne Justin Bieber.
  • The singer was previously diagnosed with the Lyme disease.

    Hailey Baldwin has shown how protective is with her husband, the singer Justin Bieberresponding to the ‘followers’ that drew attention to their skin problems in social networks.

    During a session of questions and answers on your program ‘The Biebers On Watch’ on Friday, Justin spoke about her struggles with Lyme disease and outbreaks of acne that accompany it. He confessed to all his followers the following: “I Always like to remember that God is in control, so I like to give my anxiety”.

    However, when some fans began to criticize and to point on the problems of the skin of Justin, Hailey ran to his defense: “Obviously it has been a very complicated process, it is difficult to be in the public eye and make people bother, by having sudden outbreaks of adult acne”, said the model of 23 years, answering to all that have spoken evil on the topic.

    “After having perfect skin throughout her teenage years, Justin is working on it. When we were in Los Angeles, he was seeing a dermatologist … So he let him in peace! It is not your fault,” said blunt to the model.

    Justin also explained how Hailey helped him to deal with your skin problems: “She has been picking and pricking my skin,” admitted the pop star, 25 years. “She bursts. I put on serum and I put on masks”.

    While Hailey added: “Justin has a skin very, very beautifulnaturally, and in the last two years, has been struggling with a type of acne outbreaks in adulthood“.

    In January, Justin revealed that he was diagnosed with Lyme disease and he criticized those who judged and claimed that I was using drugs and that there were problems: “while many people would say that Justin Bieber looked very emaciatedactually did not realize that I had been diagnosed with Lyme disease. And not only that, but I had a severe case of mono chronic that affected my skin, brain function, energy and health in general, ” he said on Instagram the singer at that time.

    Meanwhile, Hailey has used previously to social media to hit back at the ‘trolls’ who were “minimizing” the disease. But also wanted to dedicate a few words to all the work of the family Hadid, who have given a lot of visibility to their personal struggles with Lyme disease. “I want to say a big thank you to @YolandaHadid and @bellahadid and @GiGiHadid for giving me so much clarity and information about Lyme disease and to help answer my questions about how to act, symptoms, etc”, he added. “Oh, I love these 3 amazing women!”