Vera Wang becomes viral to show off abs at 71

His name is one of the most prestigious of the fashion industry. Has dressed celebrities the likes of Ariana Grande, Sandra Bullock or Michelle Obama on the red carpet and, to many others such as Kim Kardashian, Ivanka Trump, Mariah Carey or Hailey Baldwin in their respective weddingsand , therefore, is considered as one of the great figures of the seam at an international level. However, in the last hours, the name of Vera Wang it has been viralizado for a reason very different, and that is that, at the point of blow out 71 candles, it seems that she does not pass the time.


The designer is passing the confinement in his Florida home, where he shares day-to-day routine with its 162.000 followers, which, as could not be otherwise, includes make dresses of high impact. She poses with her creations, and is that, its 70 years, can boast of having a wasp waist, legs endless!… and a few abdominal heart attack! This week has published a design orange curd flyers in honor of the day that had to have been held on the iconic Gala, the MET in New York, a look that generated numerous comments. Just a few days after, it surpassed itself by uploading an image in key more fitness in which it impacted with his body.

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Vera Wang with abdominalVIEW GALLERY

“When you need a bit of brightness,” he wrote, referring to the hair pin rhinestones that adorned his characteristic mane of dark in key XL. However, was eclipsed by the ‘abs’ of the designer, who managed to grab all eyes. Vera posed with a top sporting orange-and-shorts jeans white, leaving the view a job abdomen. “What 70? Iconic”, “you’re amazing” or “seriously, how old are you?” are some of the comments that can be read in their profile. Displaying his wry humour, she herself has wanted to answer some of them: “I work, I sleep, I drink a cocktail of vodka, I don’t take the sun…” he explained, fun, to a fan who asked him what was his routine to stay so young.


In fact, she was the one that caused the flurry of comments when responding to one of the messages. A young woman posted on Twitter two images of the networks of Vera with the caption “What Vera Wang is 70 years??”a phrase that the designer shared on her official portrait with the expression in English, “Fact Check: Truth”, what comes to say something like “Check the facts: True.”