What rivalry between Katy Perry and Lady Gaga?


In 2018, Katy Perry made peace with his enemy for more than six years, Taylor Swift, with whom a year later even agreed to go out in his video “You need to calm down”. While Perry and Swift were friends, the conflict between them took years, news headlines, and songs of hatred, but apparently this is not the only rivalry that has existed in the life of Katy and an old enmity will intensify soon.

Lady Gaga released the 27 of February of this year, their recent single “Stupid love” and only six days after Perry did the same thing to get the clip of his song “Never worn white” in which revealed that she was pregnant of her boyfriend, actor Orlando Bloom.

As well as Lady Gaga came forward with the premiere of their single, has now done the same with the release date of the new album which will be entitled “Chromatica”, which will be available on the 29th of may.

Perry didn’t take more than 24 hours to also reveal the date on which his new single “Daisies” premiere (may 15), which is evident from their fifth album “#KP5”.

Although the competition for the audience popera between these two singers seems to be at the beginning, in reality it is not recent, it dates back to the beginning of 2013. The 12 of August of that year, the singer of “Teenage dream” released her album “Roar” and hours later said on his Twitter account that he had managed to debut in first place in 20 countries.

Gaga, for her part, had planned to launch its theme of “Applause” on 19 August, which advanced seven days, he said, by the fault of a hacker and as an emergency measure.

Although Perry has never spoken of this event in any interview, it is certain that their current singles released only one week apart show that the favorite for the audience is Lady Gaga, who with “Stupid love” recorded more than 75 million 252 thousand views on YouTube, while “Never worn white”, of Perry, it barely reaches 28 million.

In terms of followers is concerned, the situation is reversed, because while Lady Gaga boasts 15.8 million followers YouTube, Katy Perry has nearly 36.9 million.