What you didn’t know the iconic “whistle” of Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey it is one of the singers with a voice really versatile, because you can sing in notes so severe as very acute. The song with the notes more serious is ‘Sweetheart’, while that which is most acute is ‘Emotions’.

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Although all of us to think that she is the person with a range of notes greater, there is another that exceeds, the singer that can sing most acute in the world is a brazilian called Georgia Brown. However, Mariah Carey is recognized for a great trick that few people can achieve, your world-famous whistle.

What you didn't know of the iconic

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What you didn't know of the iconic

This occurs when the person reaches one of the highest notes possible for the human being. It is something that can be obtained with the practice and study vocal. It is known that it is much easier for women and children to get to this note as sharp, but that does not mean that men cannot get to it.

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In one interview, Mariah explains that his range of voice is due to nodules on their vocal cords. She managed to learn how to use these in your favor when many other people would have stopped singing completely. This “phenomenon” vowel is called voice triple and is the highest that is achieved by the human voice.

You have to know that to be able to get this sound, you have to ensure that there is a vibration in the vocal cord and can be really hard to achieve. In fact, Mariah became very famous for this sound, and so it was achieved a lot of recognition throughout his career, as one of the best voices in the music industry and it was distinguishing, to the point of shouting his iconic.

It may be that what you’ve heard, is something very peculiar that became the hallmark of the singer, but if you do not remember, you’re going to leave this video for you to know what we are talking about. ¡Dale play below!