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PUERTO RICO. – The puerto rican Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, popularly known as ‘Bad Bunny’, he began his career in 2016, when he was still a packer in a supermarket.

‘Bad Bunny’, of 26 years, comes from a humble family, his father was a truck driver and his mother a retired teacher, in addition, has two brothers.

Benito Antonio was born and grew up in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, place where he started his story.

Since the child was born his love for music. At 5 years, ‘Bad Bunny’ received a Christmas gift a disc of Vico C.

“I liked his music, the rap, the lyrical, the game of words”, says in an interview Don Francisco.

Since I was a child, Martinez Ocasio accompanied his mother to church, and sang in the choir until cumplió13 years. After leaving the choir, he developed an interest for composing songs and decided to take music classes.

However, her mother wanted to grow up to be an engineer, his father was going because he was a baseball player, while a teacher said that to become a firefighter. In contrast, he took courses in audiovisual communication at the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo.

While working as a packer in Supermercados Econothe puerto rican released music as an independent artist in SoundCloud – platform that distributes music on – line , where his song “Say” caught the attention of DJ Luian, who signed with his record label.

The reguetonero explained that his stage name ‘Bad Bunny’ was created thinking about the time you dressed rabbit for a school event and came out angry in a photo.

However, the artist pointed out that the decision made was because “I wanted to be creative, something different, something that fits the people in mind and it came out ‘Bad Bunny’, I saw him marketable, the people who see a rabbit is always going to think of me”, he argued for Don Francisco.

Since it was unveiled, positioning itself among the first ten of the list of Latin songs of the united States, with its simple, “I Am Worse”; in addition his music has been present in the Hot Latin Songs, Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard Hot 200.

In February 2020, ‘Bad Bunny’ was a guest artist in the show part time Super Bowl LIV , led by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez .

Jennifer Lopez and Bad Bunny

Shakir and Bad Bunny

Among all the successes of Benito Antonio highlights her latest single ‘I Dirty Dancing Alone’, a song that speaks of the sexual harassment of women, and where you wore the lady to make the video, generating a wave of comments in social networks.

However, this may 10, and without saying anything, the reguetonero announced their album ‘That they Were not going to Quit’, where she collaborates with singers of gender and urban Yandel, Don Omar, Zion & Lennox & Nicky Jam.

It is worth mentioning that he has also done collaborations with Becky G, Anuel AA, J Balvin, Prince Roy, Ozuna, Cardi B, Drake, Resident, Jennifer Lopez, Daddy Yankee, Jowell y Randy, among others.

Currently ‘Bad Bunny’ with 24.9 million followers on Youtube and 26.6 million followers on Instagram.

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