With short mini and nothing more! Jennifer Lopez is exposed in that place it was Not worth it!


Jennifer Lopez once more push the boundaries of Instagram and without penalty, poses in front of the cameras wearing only a short mini How would you react Alex to see it?. Look at the photo!

No matter the way that Jennifer Lopez better known as Jlo pose in front of the camera or you choose to be logged in any video, as it will always have the component of naughtiness built in.

On this occasion, the outfit he used was very little, leaving the capacity of wonder to the knights. The selection of the outfit was very simple, because it is tried only to wear a micro short in pink, an outfit that enhanced the white color of your dermis.

In the image is observed to Jlo on a couch semi-lying down and looking sweetly at the cameras, showing off the size of their curvilinear, being again demonstrated that it is better each day.

A few months of celebrating his birthday number 51, the Diva of the Bronx demonstrates that the time has allowed it to enhance how good it looks in all the senses. However, many claim that it is all due to the constant workout routines that has been done for years, ignoring the mental factor which represents an important point for the body to maintain of the best way with the passage of time.

While Jennifer commented on most of its 120 million followers the following: “My technique of optimism, is that I am accustomed to say three things that I am thankful. As soon as I open my eyes and then, at night, when I am lying in bed, here are three good things in a loud voice that happened that day. It could be anything and I try to change them so that they are not the same thing every day. Stay positive and safe”. Were the tender and moving words of the singer.