6ix9ine he got out of jail and broke records on Instagram and YouTube


Oddly enough the coronavirus came to him as ring to the finger to 6ix9ine: after two years a prisoner, managed to escape from prison several months earlier than planned because a judge felt that their status asthmaticus what was at risk in jail. And neither dull nor lazy, the ragman has already started to break records.

To present his new song “GOOBA”, Tekashi did a streaming live on Instagram was seen by over 2 million people and with that amount of people watching and supporting him while he took advantage of to display your jewelry and watches diamantas (2 in each arm), he premiered his new video clip and also broke records on YouTube.

In the first 24 hours, the song already over 50 million views, making it the video of hip hop most seen in the platform in that time period, beating ‘Kill Shot’ by Eminem, with 38MM. Spotify also made his own, because that quickly finished in the top 6 overall, not far from the new singles from Travis Scott and Drake. And all this without the support of a large multinational of the music.

6ix9ine had managed to reduce his sentence to two years after the snitch before the judge to the members of a gang of criminals in new york that would have supported his career, also involving to Cardi B and Kanye West. And although the ragman still has several trials ahead, does not seem to be concerned nor by the rain of criticism, or by being in the eye of the storm of several gangs american.