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The american actress Anna Kendrick it is widely known for having participated in many films in the past few years, including Twilight, Pitch Perfect, and Love without scales. In this last tape his performance was so good, that it has received a nomination to the academy awards in 2010, despite the fact that at that time he was very little known in Hollywood.

However, the fact that you have been nominated for a major award, an achievement that very few actresses get it, does not mean that he was rich as others of his colleagues were.

In fact, at that time was so poor that I had no money to buy formal shoes to go to the awards ceremony.

In an interview with the u.s. program of Ellen DeGeneres, Kendrick said that before the ceremony, when I was testing the dress -usually these are provided by the big brands and actresses-, “the stylist told me that ‘you have to use the perfect shoes for the costume, and as the movie is not yet released (still not out in bulk in a theater), no one knows who you are, so the shoe stores not want to pay the shoes. Can you buy a pair of high heels Loubotin?””.

The brand of shoes Christian Louboutin is a luxury and one of the most expensive and preferred by the celebrities. And she had no money to buy anything there.

“I replied something like ‘I am still a” poor man”, and added that at that time his life was a rare combination between “all the great things that I were going” in the professional aspect versus the rest of your routine, that remained normal, according to the middle English Independent.

Finally, this look worn by Anna at the Oscars 2010:

Anna Kendrick confesses that he was so poor when he was nominated for the Oscar that had no shoes
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The good part is that everything is left behind, and now Kendrick is one of the actresses more young people recognised and valued in Hollywood. So now yes you can buy the zapatosque want.