Anuel AA accused of plagiarizing the beats of american rapper


The music industry is very jealous when authorship is, and if we go to the world of rap, the beats are one of the most precious possessions of each creator.

Anuel AA recently brought to public light the topic “Illuminati” and it has been very well receipt among its fans.

However, that same theme is creating controversy around the singer of trap, who is being accused of plagiarizing a rapper american.

Anuel AA is accused of this crime by the rapper and producerSouthside”, who is well recognized within the industry of rap United states by being one of the creators of beats most have been stuck in the genre in the north american continent.

Southside, who is head of 808 Mafiaindicated that the pace of the sticky song of the puerto rican, he was taken out of the rhythmic bases that produced in 2017 for the topic “Too Hotty”, the grouping of rap Migos.

The producer of the theme of the 2017, made public his discontent through a posting in which stated: “please tell me what is going on here, this is definitely a total copy, and a new version of my pace.”

There is not yet a decision on the part of Anuel AA or any of their representatives, who must be thinking the way in which they are going to deal with this episode that could lead to even a raid legal.