Ashley Tisdale shows her cellulite to give important message


TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- Ashley Tisdale, remembered for his successful participation in the youth movie High School Musical, impacted his followers Instagram when you publish a photograph of you where you showed without penalty to your cellulite.

The young actress who gave life to the character of “Sharpay Evans” appeared in a thong that let her see the marks on his buttocks and accompanied the post with an important message for his fans.

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“I have to be honest: I’ve been a long time without a train because I’ve been focused on my mental health during this quarantine,” wrote Tisdale.

The actress of 34 years, said that “although sometimes I would like to have the energy to kick butt and do sit-ups, I must say that I still feel sexy, still I feel beautiful and the best part is that I think I love you more”.

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Your courage to display their physical imperfections has been applauded by internet users, one of them wrote: “This is amazing and more people should see this and feel inspired and confident in the body they have.”