Baby Katy Perry “salutes” to dads with the middle finger during ultrasound


Katy Perry was surprised and amused to all their fans with a video where he reaffirmed the sex of your baby and something unusual is that his daughter, has sent a funny “greeting” to their famous parents and of course to all who are looking.

The singer used his account of Instagram to share one of the most important moments in your life and it is as well that showed the ultrasound that was performed, where it is said that, with his partner, the actor, Orlando Bloomexpect a cute girl.

However, while the doctor was performing the scan usual on all pregnant women, small put away your little hand and in front of the camera lifted up the middle finger, after it unveiled its sex; this time it turned out to be very comical for all and the laughter rang in the place.

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The singer of “Dark horse,” “Roar, “Fire Work”, among other more didn’t expect much and in the first hour of today and climbed up the video with the caption “Happy mothers day”, the first of many that will wait to Katy.

More than five million views already reached the video and thousands of comments congratulating the couple and their favorite singer did not wait.

Among other things it is doing Katy Perry is trying to make the children in this quarantine, due to the pandemic that is lived by the coronavirus Covid-19, be distracted, so he accepted the invitation of Disneand to interpret one of their classic songs from movies.

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So I joined a famous Ariana Grandewho sang the song of Meg from Hercules; BeyoncĂ© that sang “When you wish upon a star” and other more like Halsey or Shakira.

“Baby Mine”, was the theme that played Perry, and that comes out in the tape “Dumbo”. That moment was one of the most tender in the project called “Disney Family Singalong Part II”, because the interpreter was disguised as an elephant to lull it to your “elephant” (in this case it was a dog plush).