Bad Bunny revealed that he enjoyed being a woman and is ready to take the next step


Bad Bunny is an artist, enigmatic and controversial currently considered as the singer of reggaeton’s most famous moment from the last February 29, a day that only exists every 4 years, premiered his album “YHLQMDLG”. The songs and collaborations are contained in this album have been top of the lists of reproductions from more than 20 countries since its launch.

A week later, in march, debuted the video for his song “I dirty dancing alone”, in which we observe the “rabbit bad” dress a drag queen and perreando, as only he could do it. This is because you have become accustomed to your audience, growing larger, to break all the stereotypes related to this musical genre.

Bad Bunny: “I dirty dancing alone”

In his short career, the artist has broken down the schemes of a 15-year history of reggaeton, we’ve gone from a bunch of girls well-endowed dancing with little clothing, a man dressed as a woman saying “Respect! If she doesn’t want to dance with you, respects”.

In the controversial video we can see scenes where we see some of the phrases used slogan in the marches feminists as: “Women send”, or “Or a less”. However, the message is more controversial would come at the end of the song: “If she doesn’t want to perrear contigo, respects. She perrea single”.

In a recent interview, Bad Bunny in the company of his girlfriend claimed that it was a pleasure to have made the theme and the video clip mentioned above, and that soon would you be ready to take the next step. Comment that caused a great stir among the followers of the artist, primarily because they did not know what he meant exactly.

Fortunately, a few weeks later, on Sunday, may 10, released their fourth album called “The that they were not going to leave,”. This is a compilation of ten unreleased songs with the collaborations of singers like Yandel, Don Omar, Zion y Lennox, Nicky Jam, Jhay Cortez and the popular song “On the house” with his girlfriend, Gabriela.

The speculations of their fans, on who the artist could be talking about the production of this fourth album, produced in record time, it is time the theory most successful over the controversial comment of Bad Bunny.