Battle feminist party post Grammy Rosalia, Lizzo, Lil Nas X and Dua Lipa | People | Edition America


A video of Rosalia, Dua Lipa, Lizzo, and rapper Lil Nas X celebrating after the Grammys has been viralizado during the early morning hours of Wednesday and has been on the internet with a battle of ideas about feminism, and the authenticity of the artists that claim to be the image of the empowerment of women.

In the pictures you will see how the artists spent the early hours of Monday in a private club of ‘strippers’, which is apparently very funny to them throwing dollar bills.

Although most on Twitter, has been added to the tag #DuaLipasIsOverParty (The farewell party of Dua Lipa), among hispanics, the emphasis has been placed on the behavior of Rosalia. And is that many fans consider it a strong contradiction with the feminist values that the Catalan artist has taken banner.

“Dua Lipa, with their songs about women empowerment and the get out of toxic relations. Rosalia, with their songs about the sexual abuse. And both throwing tickets to a sex worker, promoting the culture of prostitution and trafficking of women. Trafficking trafficking, feminism,” wrote a user identified as Sabeka.

“Feminism, yes, but passing by the lining of the class struggle and the exploitation of women. New Rules, tell him”, he continued.

“Rosalia upload pictures of coats made of animal skin, used private jets that pollute the planet, together with other rich people with an ideology of equal to or more repulsive than the Vox, and now broadcasts a video in a brothel, pulling tickets, but cheers to Rosalie,” wrote Culturax.

Others, such as Cynnderela, stressed that “Dua Lipa and Rosalia went to a strip club is legal, in which the dancers are by your choice. Remember that we can be what we want and that is the whole point of feminism. Not do to women as you think”.

Both Dua Magnifying glass as to Rosalia have called “hypocrites”, “false”, “product gaps” and much more. But their fans have responded with fury, accusing all those who have criticized “envious”.

Others have claimed that it was a party hosted by Lizzo and that the dancers were friends of the artist. None of those that you see in the video have responded to the controversy, or clarified where you were and what was going on.

The biggest surprise expressed by those who noted that there had been criticism of the rapper Lil Nas X.