Blow to Kiko Jimenez. Discovered this Sofia Suescun. And what is going to change everything


kiko jimenez

May 11, 2020
(20:14 CET)

Kiko Jimenez you have reasons to be worried, and do not, it is precisely the coronavirus and yes by his partner Sophia Suescun and their battles on television.

It seems that Telecinco has gorged on already wars without sense of Sofia Suescun and they are going to make a case to his arch-enemy Glory Camila and send it to the room thinking for a time.

In fact, the reach of the courts between the two was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Telecinco has been decided by Gloria Camila for your next season.

gloria camila

Goodbye to the tv

Kiko Jimenez and Sofia Suescun it seems that they are going to get out of the game a few months and is that the chain has decided to do without them, at least for the next season.

For a long time the couple has been in the news, and have created a myriad of content surrounding them, however, it seems that the people are tired of hearing always the same names.

sofia suescun responds to Avilés

What now?

With the people-saturated and the last days in the television Sofia Suescun confirmed will have to see what makes the couple to call the attention to return to the first level, where they feel comfortable.

You should not be surprised that before the end of the summer both back to television with enough force, despite the fact that have burned many of his characters, it seems that both are very ambitious.