Bruce Willis celebrates mother’s day with his ex Demi Moore and his current wife Emma


Bruce Willis celebrates mother's day with his ex Demi Moore and his current wife Emma

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

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That tremble Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin: in Hollywood there is another most famous family, the most numerous and, apparently, more united if it is to be yours.

The period of isolation has served to demonstrate that Bruce Willis and Demi Moore continue to maintain a very good relationship, which it has become apparent while living with the daughters that they have in common -Rumer (31), Scout (28) and Tallulah– and at least the boyfriend of one of the three young men in a mansion in Idaho.

Last week they joined that large group the current wife of actor, Emma Heming, and the two children are the fruit of his marriage, Mabel (8) and Evelyn (6), and there have been held together this Sunday on mother’s day. Demi has wanted to immortalize the moment by sharing a picture on his account of Instagram in that pose all smiles with the message: “I feel very grateful to spend this day with my family (today and always)”.

“Happy mother’s day from our large blended family to yours”, has added Rumer. “And also to all the mothers that appear in this photo, moms-to-be, and to all the fathers and future fathers that help us to become mothers”.

Jumps to the view that the three older daughters of Bruce were delighted to be able to spend as much time with their little sisters. A few days ago Rumer released a video of Evelyn, coinciding with his sixth birthday, in which the small appeared around with your bike: “Today I taught this little how to ride a bike and I had not felt so proud in all my life,” said his older sister.