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Various fanpages of BTS come viralizando the video of a young youtuber, who was surprised to interpreting one of the most popular topics of the group and also by their great resemblance to the artist Lisa.

ARMY and the followers of BLACKPINK have been left in shock by the talent of the teenager nicknamed OLYM.

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The viral video on YouTube shows the young man rapping the song “UGH” performed originally by Namjoon, J-hope and Suga. In regards to reproductions, the clip already has surpassed 10,000 views.

Among the comments at the foot of the clip, BLINK and ARMY claimed that OLYM had a strong resemblance to Lisa of BLACKPINK.

“Talented”. “You have the look of Lisa from BP.” “I’m ARMY and I loved your cover”. “You have a beautiful voice”. “You’re like a Lisa BLACKPINK”.

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The youtuber is from India and began on the video platform in 2018, and from that time he has dedicated to performing covers of various groups in K-pop.

The most viewed video is the tribute that you made to the song “Shadow” of Suga, with more than 40,000 views.

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In addition to being dubbed as the ‘double Smooth’, the young man earns subscribers by the covers that made not only BTS, but “100 ways,” Jackson Wang, “Hold” WINNER, “Kick it” NCT 127 or “2YA2YAO!” of SUPER JUNIOR.

Apparently OLYM is a fan of the Bangtan boys because he also sang, “ON”, “EGO” and “Black swan”.

In the account of Instagram of the girl, where you have hundreds of followers, you can also find covers other international singers such as Billie Eilish or “Miss” of Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes.

Double Smooth BLACKPINK

The teen dubbed as the ‘double Smooth BLACKPINK’ is dedicated to make cosplay of different anime characters.