Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johansson, Margot Robbie, Drew Barrymore, and more are joining the #BossBitchChallenge


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The quarantine imposed at the global level to let more than one person with too much free time and, around the world, who are at home take advantage of this time to be entertained in different ways.

Celebrities are no exception: in recent weeks have joined the thousands of people who spend hours in the chill of the social networks.

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Therefore, it has been seen that actors, influencers and singers alike, are joined to challenges or challenges that invade digital trends every day. On this occasion, some of the “heroes” until they created their own challenge.

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For shows, it all started with the actress and double scenes Zoë Bell, who challenged a lot of actresses in action to make your own challenge of “fight”.

It was named #BossBitchChallenge. Basically, it consists in putting together several clips where various actresses mimic shots of action to “fight”, so yes: each who from home.

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Some of the celebrities that joined the challenge were Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johansson, Margot Robbie, Rosario Dawson, Florence Pugh, Halle Berry and Zoe Saldana.

The video starts with Zoë Bell sitting on a couch in his house, saying, “I’m so boring, I want to play with my friends.” Then has an idea and says, “wait, yes I can play with them!”. Act followed: a blow to the camera.

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Right away, it appears Lucy Lawless (who was a double for action scenes in Xena: Warrior Princess and Kill Bill). She seems a bit “affected” by the strike, but immediately returns.

In this way, we managed to start a chain effect: each of the actresses who joined the challenge, pretended to have been attacked by his opponent, only to then return the hit to “another peleadora” with some movements impressive. Worthy of any action movie female.

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The full video is on the Youtube channel of Zoë Bell, but some of the participants also posted them on their own social networking profiles.

The majority of those involved said that participating in the #BossBitchChallenge was very fun and helped them to have fun while waiting to lift the quarantine.

For the fans, surely it was also very fun to see them in action (just-com osi is involved in a shooting). What was your favorite?

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