Chris Hemsworth has the recipe for your children to do meditation


The actor includes this service in Centr, his initiative wellness where besides trainings can be found diets and tips on mindfulness

Updated 08/04/2020 14:06

In these das of confinement, multi-tasking as a teacher, educator, actor, fitness monitor, psiclogo, professional teletrabajando… is multiplied to all the fathers and mothers. Living with concern the evolution of the situation and also how they affect children. Manage your quarantine is difficult, Chris Hemsworth knows. Has three children with which has put into practice the meditation and despite the fact that did not trust in the power sentarles or two minutes, has ensured that their children make and reduce the stress that is in them has led to the crisis of the coronavirus. You want to know how I made it?

Nothing like the own experience to understand the difficulty of being a father and a mother today during the quarantine period. Chris Hemsworth has seen how their own childrenthe three that he has with his wife, Elsa Pataky, suffer from stress and anxiety over the situation and after commenting it with a friend, found a solution that, a priori, not the convention: the meditation.

Believe that it will be impossible to get their children to keep calm for a while, but to his surprise what it got. “If you’re like me and you have children at home full-time and you have to play to niera, teacher, parent, dance teacher, clown, etc, and I’ve started slowly the hair you can find something of value in this“starts the post on his account of Instagram where he speaks on meditation for children.

In two videos, the main character of Thor explains his experience, why he launches into this new adventure through Centr, your project fitness that besides, training plans and nutritional welcomes tips mindfulness. “If you’re in the same situation as me, and like a lot of people, in that you have to educate your children at home, and not you est doing very well… I’ll tell you what I did. A friend I recomend to do meditations with children and she thought: is not going to workif my kids have allergies to be seated and still! But to my surprise function, the calm. Because the children are feeling anxiety, stress and all of that, like us, probably ms because you don’t even understand what it is and for us it is difficult to explicrselo”.

Ace that has decided to put at disposal of the subscribers to Centr this service as an extension of the side mindfulness that promote in this project fitness. “I’m going to narrate some meditations. Meditations specific to children, visualizations, sleep, positive thoughts, that kind of stuff”. Next to l engage his friend and film director Taika Waititi, also known as Taika Cohen, who directed in his role as ms carismtico, Thor.

“Involucraos, I hope that what disfrutis and that I serve something” concludes Chris about the initiative before to say farewell with best wishes to all of health, love and happiness. This week have started to publish their first stories in for that the ms small of the house to get rid of the stress the crisis of the coronavirus them est causing. Os animis to try?

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