Creator of Quibi blame the pandemic for the little success of the platform: report



Quibi, the platform streaming that he was born under the premise that the millennials consume more and more content video short-term in their phones, fell to position number 125 in the ranking that makes Sensor Tower of most downloaded applications, and Jeffrey Katzenberg, one of the creators of the platform, said that the problem has been the fault of the pandemic COVID-19.

In accordance with a report of the New York Timeseven when Quibi is launched from the 6 of April and has a free trial of 90 days, the app has been downloaded by only 3.5 million users, low figures if we compare them with the app of Disney Plus, which reached 3.2 million downloads in its first day.

“It is not the height of what we wanted. Is not close to what we wanted,” said Katzenberg at the newspaper, showing their disappointment with the figures.

The hallmark of Quibi, not only are their short episodes, less than 10 minutes, but the platform was designed to be seen from mobile devices during dead times or waiting, as in travel by public transport or in a waiting room of a doctor. However, the current reality is very different to that imagined Katzenberg and Meg Whitman when they planned the launch of Quibi.

After the release of the platform, in addition, the users started to ask why the service was not available to be seen from a tv, which forced the creators to adapt their original concept. It is, therefore, that from may onwards, iPhone users can now view the contents of Quibi on their tv, while users on Android will have to wait a couple more weeks, said the New York Times.

However, not all has been bad news for the platform, as Katzenberg noted that eighty percent of the users of Quibi see the episodes from beginning to end, so that the executive is confident that the platform resumes its course once the life returns to normal.

Quibi offers movies like Most Dangerous Gamestarring Liam Hemsworth (Games hunger); the series Survivestarring Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones), and the drama When the Streetlights Go On, starring Queen Latifah, just to name a few titles. It also has content, news and entertainment.

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