Deepfake: This is the trick tecnolgico with the who managed to revive Juan Gabriel


City of Mexico.- The past Sunday, may 10, the world estremeci, then appeared in social networks a man securing be Juan Gabrieladmitting that fingi his death.

To all this, the lawyer of the singer, Guillermo Pouscontinue that whoever did this used the technology to pretend to be ‘The Divo of Jurez‘.

According to belief, the imposter could have used a technique known as deepfake, term acuado in the platform Reddit to refer to edited videos in which he changed the faces of the actors.

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In the beginning, the internet users used this to put the faces of actresses famous on tapes, for adults. By the year 2018 this was something that was perfection to the degree that in Instagram you can make the change of face with just a filter.

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Then, it is believed that with the help of software specialized and with a video of the face of John Gabriel was able to recreate the look and gestures of the artist.

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A clear example and recent, is that of the film, Back to the Futurewhere a fan coloc the faces of the actors, Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr.

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