Demi Lovato moves to flee the coronavirus


In these days of confinement, social networks have become a means of communication and a way of entertainment. The famous are using to offer concerts, launch prevention messages in front of the coronavirus and communicate with their fans. Yesterday Miley Cyrus and Demi
Lovato they did a live together, and what this last revealed left many surprised: we have had that move because of the Covid-19.

The direct through Instagram was a pleasant surprise for all his fanson all the that the remained both in his stage for Disney, one in Hannah Montana and the other with their movies Camp Rock.


The singers appeared in the networks along with their pets and they were talking for a good while, receiving the affection of all the fans that connected with them and that they would send questions.

One of the confessions that made Demi Lovato left impacted to the viewers. And is that the singer has had to move home to her family because one of the neighbors of the apartment complex where she lives was positive in the test of coronavirus.


“I live in an apartment building and someone in the building was positive, so I had to get out,” explained the artist, who is taking precautionary measures against the coronavirus. The mask and gloves are part of her outfit for leaving the houseas we can see in several images that circulate through the networks.

“I moved in with my family. Now I’m with my family and they are everything. Fortunately, my family just moved to this new place”, apostilló Demi Lovato without specifying in what site is your new place of detention.