Dua Lipa unveils new details of its collaborations with Normani and Miley Cyrus | Music


The launch of Future Nostalgia it has meant a before and an after in the history of Dua Lipa. The british gave life to this album on the 27th of march, and since then we’ve not managed to get out of this time machine. The synthesizers have returned to our lives!

But what is certain is that it is not only nostalgia that our protagonist has to offer us. In an interview with Andy Cohen during this quarantine, has ensured that the Deluxe version of his album is a reality, although can’t reveal many more details about it. What is ahead is what will happen with the songs that you share with Normani and Miley Cyrus.

In the case of Miley, Dua ensures that the purpose of both is “getting into the studio and do something different”but due to their busy schedules and to the global pandemic that we all live in, still have not had the opportunity to do so. What seems that will make us vibrate sooner rather than later is the theme it shares with the interpreter Motivation. “What I have with Normani, perhaps you hear soon”says with a mischievous smile.

Dua Lipa has broken into the music industry like a hurricane, unstoppable and gatherer of successes. The past may 6, connected with LOS40 to chat with Cristina Regatero on this last big project and on the work that will see the light then. And it seems that that brings with Miley and Normani will not be the only thing that will place it among the artists most listened to. “May I soon see doing a Latin song”he confessed. What will be next to your friend, Rosalie? Of time ensures that you will have to see their faces in direct to get hands-on with this collaboration.

Be that as it may, the singer has conquered the complete playlists of our favorite songs. Many, even, the baptized as the greatest promise of pop at the international level and, judging by the success of this last project, no doubt. When do you see the light the Deluxe version of Future Nostalgia? What will be your collaboration with Normani included in this repertoire? What will be your title? Questions without answers that it seems that we will resolve very soon.