Extraction: The routine (easy) of Chris Hemsworth to get in shape

Chris Hemsworth I was not sure of wanting to accept his role in Extractionaccording to the rumors, he did not want to always be an action hero and he wanted a new challenge, but, when you read the story, was convinced by the emotional journey and introspective of the protagonist who, in addition to be able to hold his breath for minutes under water, dodge bullets and kick butt, he was fighting his own demons and a dark past.

But Extracion (or Rescue Mission) it was not just the inner journey Tyler Rake, Chris Hemsworth I was also going to have to make a few action scenes intense and I had to see convincing when do it, so we had to follow a routine of intense training to get in shape (and the result was worth it because Extraction it became one of the most widely viewed films of Netflixand the reason why many people finally opened their account).

The shooting of the movie was very hard and the actor Marvel had a little bit of effort. “We had weeks of trials for which we spent with Sam [Hargrave]. And then all the days we were filming a scene, we rehearsed the next scene of fight which was the next day. So you really never stopped, and it was a session of three months, basically run and run and fight all the time. Tiring but rewarding, because I think that we achieved some special experiences, unique and certainly I have never been separated and I have not seen in a long time,” he said in a recent interview.

During 3 months, Hemsworth and Hargrave they spent filming and rehearsing scenes without stopping, so the actor had to be in very good shape (trying to keep it all the time and that is why we continue to seek to interpret the most amazing heroes).

On this occasion, to get in shape meant to follow workouts that were possible in any place and without the need to be in a gympart of the film was shot in India and had to be able to train on the set or in any place, so that the actor, along with Bobby Hanton and Luke Zocchi, they developed an easy routine to maintain muscle and be able to train in any place, using a combination of healthy diet and correct exercises.

“That was a great experiment that we tried to see if I could maintain the muscle being a vegan and really I was also surprised because we’re all in this mindset of ‘we need to eat animal protein, protein, protein’ but you can get a lot of protein from beans, ” said Zocchi in an interview with Today Extra. “Sometimes we put a little gas”. Hemsworth added that he ate every two hours to be able to keep up the pace.

In another interview, Zocchi he said that Chris did 20 pushups and 20 squats every hourbetween 8 am and 6 pm, which means that he did about 200 pushups and 200 squats throughout the day.

Clearly, your routine may not only be squats and push-upsbut, it is a good way to complement and be consistent, in addition, you can be sure to be active throughout the day, which is important for maintaining a good physical condition.

Hemsworth, you could return for the sequel, said in a video that was attempting to use the equipment that I had on hand. “Just reviewing some of the training equipment for the training of Extraction”, subtituló the video that is displayed using bars, a rope and other objects to be able to train.

The idea was not to go through all the units in the gym, but never stop training (with squats and pushups, that will certainly make you feel that your arms and legs will burn after a few rounds) and use what you have on hand to get in shape.