Fortnite | Concert Travis Scott is tested by a candidate to the presidency of the usa. UU. for your campaign


The strategist of the campaign, democratic candidate Joe Biden towards the presidency of the united States, Lis Smith, has stated that it is analyzing the concert virtual Travis Scott in Fortnite to replicate it in real life.

Through a live webcast, Smith mentioned that Stefan Smith, former director of commitment of the party, brought as an idea to show digital campaign. “Stefan Smith, who did digital work for Pete Buttigieg, cited the other day the decision of Fortnite by Travis Scott… that was a truly creative thought”.said Lis Smith when asked about how I was going to reinvent a convention in the middle of the pandemic.

“If we could do that with Joe Biden… Joe Biden projected on the Grand Canyon. That might be a bit ambitious, but we could have music content exclusive to some of the artists largest music in the game in these, which makes the eyes of the people are heading to conventions and be able to look at them”, he ended up sentencing Smith.

The original article by Stefan Smith it is published in Yahoo News with date of may 8,. In it he mentions that the virtual experiences as the of the become of Travis Scott can be vital for these digital conference.

The concert of the rapper was a success for Fortnite, who was involved in a series of criticisms for its lack of content released weeks earlier. In the first presentation of the artist, the game managed to peak of 12.3 million players connected at the same time on PC, consoles and mobile phones.

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