[Foto] Jennifer Aniston makes him ‘gun’ to the Covid-19′


The photo became viral in social networks.


By: Julieth Castaño

The american actress Jennifer Aniston published an old photo on their social networks that became viral in minutes. In the picture – taken by a paparazzi – the star of ‘Friends’ doing gun, and now, he wanted to use the photo to illustrate his feelings about the current situation that crosses the world of the pandemic of the Covid-19.

“Dear Covid. Could you kindly go to shit? Thank you, goodbye”was the message that accompanied the photograph.

Up to now, the publication has more than six million of ‘likes’.

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It is important to note that, for march this year was planned on the filming for HBO’s Max of a special episode of ‘Friends’ with the six protagonists of the sitcom. However, due to the current global health emergency, the filming had to be postponed.

On the other hand, addition of ‘Friends’ – a series that launched her to fame – Jennifer Aniston has developed an extensive film career, some of his films are: ‘Who the *&$%! are the Miller?’ (2013), ‘How to get your boss’ (2011), ‘A wife of lie (2011), ‘Living with my ex’ (2006), among others.


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PUBLISHED: 11-may – 2020