Halsey launches ‘Manic’, an album that shows its most personal side | Music


“I’ve spent my whole life struggling to accept this part of me, and I could make art with this. I’m happy, thank you.”

In 2014, Ashley Frangipane he shared his first songs on SoundCloud; “Ghost“would become the song that would highlight and which he would call the attention of the record companies and music lovers looking for new proposals in the depths of the Internet. That same year he launched “Room 93″, their first EP.

Ashley it became known as


not only is an anagram of his name, is also a street of Brooklyn which he frequently visited when she was a teenager.

Four years later, Halsey he released his first studio album: “Badlands“, with hits such as “New American“and “Colors“the catapultarían to fame. The girl, a native of New Jersey, the united States, went on to open for bands such as The Kooks to have their own tours around the world: it was evident that the music was not only a refuge, had become his life.

Halsey is a conceptual artist, his albums and songs have a background. Everything is inspired in stages, films, or situations that have marked his life. Each of their albums tells a story; “

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom

“, their second album, is inspired by the movie Romeo and Juliet 1996. Halsey took care of both the aesthetics of the album, which even recorded one of their music videos in Mexico, based entirely on the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

After two albums care and worked under this type of concepts, the moment arrived to give a twist in your career, for their third production, Halsey let Ashley return to take the reins of the situation; that girl who dreamed of becoming a musician, that I was afraid to fall in love and be open, now reflects on all that has occurred in these years of success.

Yes, from 2015, Halsey has accumulated more than 25 billion views globally, has sold more than nine million albums around the world and has performed with full total on the planet, but part of all that success, you owe it to Ashley.

“Manic”in her new production, let us see Ashley in different stages of their life. Shows us moments and situations that have marked the life of the singer, and that have inspired her to create success after success. This album not only speaks to old loves and experiences, Halsey took it to the next level, and it is so personal that the same Ashley it is directed to Halsey in some of his songs.

Through 16 songs, the singer decided to leave to see his side vulnerable, and share with your followers more about the internal struggle that lives constantly.

The excitement of Halsey by seeing the reaction of their fans to the new production led her to look forward to, your social networks, the time that the disk was available in all the world, to talk about it; through a series of tweets, he explained more in-depth about the importance of this album for her.

Forever … (is a long time)“it is so called because it shows the journey of fall in love and after sabotearte yourself by your own paranoia and insecurities. That’s why the music is modulated from major to minor ;)”, he shared in a tweet.

One of her fans asked if the song “3 am“it had been written at that time, to which the singer responded, “Yes! After a night out, when I got back home and I dialed to all my contacts because I was dying to talk to who was not to be left alone with my thoughts; then I realized and said ‘hmm this is… wrong,’ and then I wrote a song about it.”

In that song, Halsey talk about feeling alone and to know that, even if you need help, it is very difficult to ask for it… and find it: “my insecurities I hurt, someone please come flirt with me. Seriously I need a mirror that you come and tell me that I’m okay. I need it all the time,” says the letter of “3am“.

“I’ve spent my whole life struggling to accept this part of me, and I could make art with this. I’m happy, thank you”, tweeted finally the singer.

Halsey will start a world tour to promote this album, although it has not announced dates in Mexico, already shared some in the united States.

The album features collaborations with

Alanis Morissette, Suga, BTS

, John Mayer, Dominic Fike and Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Is now available on all digital platforms.