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The renowned actor Henry Cavill, a well-remembered for playing Superman in the movie universe of DC Comics, returns to the big screen this march 19, with the tape of action “In the game killer”.

Star Films brings a cast of luxury, such as Alexandra Daddario, remembered for ‘Guardians of the Bay’, ‘Texas chainsaw massacre’ and ‘Earthquake: The San andreas Fault’, Ben Kingsley (The Game of Ender, Gandhi), Stanley Tucci (In the First Flat, The Hunger Games), Brendan Fletcher (Freddy vs Jason), Minka Kelly (500 Days with Her), Eliana Jones (from the series ‘Supergirl’) and Nathan Fillion (from the show ‘Castle’).



Aaron Marshall (Henry Cavill) is going through a difficult time in his personal life, but you have to pass the page when it receives a case about the murder of a young woman. To try and resolve it, you will be working alongside a vigilant local (Ben Kingsley) and will lead a police team in which the presence of Rachel (Alexandra Daddario) will be critical.

When they get to stop the psychopath, that is associated with the multiple abductions and murders of women that are occurring, you will realize that this capture will be only the beginning of a countdown in search of their victims.

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Posted: 14/3/2020