How To Enjoy Playing Pokémon go and Still Making Money


Do you know you can make money while enjoying playing your Pokémon Go? You certainly can.

For those who think their smartphones can only be used for gaming and not making money, they are dead wrong. You can play your favourite games and still make money from the process.

Smartphones are now so advanced that they can be used for a lot of things that provide fulfilment and even money.

It’s not just taking and selling pictures that smartphones can be used for. I know people who sell pictures of feet just using their smartphones but much more than be gotten from smartphones that just that.

By the way, if you want to explore this way of making money with your smartphone, read this article about how people buy and sell feet pics online.

You Can Make Money Selling Pokémon Rare Cards

It is possible you still have some collections of Pokémon Cards from your days of playing Pokémon in the past.

These rare card collections can earn you money now because of there fans of the Nintendo game that would be interested in keeping them as mementoes.

This is made more attractive now that Pokémon Go is still popular amongst many people around the world. You can still sell those cards to people who are showing interest and buying them for keeps.

This is a superb and unique way to cash in on Pokémon Go and it will readily pay you well if you have still had some unique and rare cards!

It’s really all about being creative with your gaming habits and making money from the process. Why should you spend time just playing games for the sake of it when you can “kill two birds with one stone”?

You can do that by playing for fun and still making money while you are at it. That’s the absolute best use of your time if you ask me.