It is as well as Ana Barbara faced the anorexia


The famous faced this terrible condition a few years ago and so it was as he overcame

Ana Barbara it is one of the most famous sensuous and its 49 years old, boasts of an enviable figure, yet his life has not been easy since your physical aspect for a long time was one of their main problems. And is that the singer has had to cope with the anorexia since I was very young, but How did it get that that? Here we tell the story.

In the year 1989 by the actress enchanted the audience by presenting yourself as the representative of San Luis Potosí in the contest Miss Mexico– that was when your problems started because between the harsh demands of the industry and your desire to succeed, ended up sticking to extreme diets that led to not accepted as it was.

The disorder suffered by the singer led her to go to therapy and there revealed that I was afraid to eat even showed terrified of being close to the food. Her anorexia started when I was 18 years old, however his mother knew of his whole story until the singer turned 41 years old.

Today the singer has been seen best, in their social networks, shares how she leads a healthy lifestyle with exercise regulated, however has come to say that anorexia is a disease that does not recoversince whole life chasing you.

The singer managed to recover from those dark years with effort and a lot of self-esteem, helped in large part his career but above all, your beautiful family. Just last year revealed that had fallen back when pregnant fortunately he managed to fight it off early and not turned out to be a great downfall in your professional and personal life.