“It is not a great coach but a great businessman” – the player of The WTA criticized the coach of Serena Williams


The coach of Serena Williams, Patrick Mouratoglou, is possibly one of the best tennis coaches in the world. However, one of his former students accused Mouratoglou not to worry about their mental health and affect their family life.

The former world number 15 Aravane Rezai began working with Patrick Mouratoglou in 2009. The French were guided by their father before his partnership with Patrick. The association Rezai-Mouratoglou had a good start. However, the collaboration soon took a wrong turn.

“It was like being in prison” – Aravane Rezai in training with Patrick Mouratoglou

Rezai revealed that he was under immense pressure to act on tournaments under the guidance of Mouratoglou. We also compared their training routine to be in a prison.

Aravane revealed that she trusted him completely. However, she explained that it is not correct to put to a girl still young enough to fight against your father while you stay back and wait. She explained to him that he wanted the results and that it did not matter how the got.

“He is a man passionate for the game of tennis, you can see that you care. I would not say that it is a great coach, but it is a great business man: he knows how to play, how to analyze things from a point of view-tactical, “ said Rezai to the Point of Break.

“If I go in details … In Madrid, pushed me greatly to win that tournament. Could not rest, could not take the phone, the credit card, nothing. It was like being in prison. I woke up at six in the morning to run an hour or two, to do the physical training before my workout, I was too, ” recalled Rezai.

“That’s why our relationship lasted a little over a year. People around me said that I could not endure it any more, but he replied that he did not care. I didn’t care about my mental health, “ he added.

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Patrick Mouratoglou is currently working with Serena Williams and Stefanos Tsitsipas for quite some time. In addition, he has worked with Grigor Dimitrov, Marcos Baghdatis and Jeremy Chardy. She also directs the Tennis Academy Mouratoglou in France.

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