its impressive ‘look’ that revolutionized the networks


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Daring and groundbreaking, Kim Kardashian (39 years old), who has a special gift to reinvent itself, displayed, on this occasion, a more radical and transgressive becoming his mane in an attractive snake skin, a new image that captures all the gazes.

The entrepreneur, a promoter of trends, which dares with outfits that are minimalist, sophisticated, sexy, futuristic or sportsalso trademark style in matters of makeup and hairdressing.

The celebrity he has published in his account of Instagram, which has more than 168 million followers, a groundbreaking image with a new snake-print in your hairto play with your nails and the top that you saw on the image.

Kim Kardashian shows a mane which is like a small work of art, created by hairstylist Chris Appleton, “probably one of my favorite projects, hair snake print of @kimkardashian”, has posted on his account Instagram.

The entrepreneur does not give you laziness to go to the hairdresser. Passes of a hair jet black, one platinum or dusty pink in a sigh, dyes or impose or aterran, on the contrary, a passion for new techniques of colouringjudging by the latest results.

How do you get? This stamping is done with a technique of pixellation, which consists in clearing and darken certain areas of the hair making the hair is transformed in each movement, and with the appearance of a textured three-dimensional.

For a long time already the talk of the pixelmanía. The ombre have been replaced by this technique created in 2015 by the Spanish Jose Luis Almendral, Marco Antonio Restrepo and Jorge Cancer founded by X-presion, the first study dedicated exclusively to r+D+I in hairdressing.

An idea that was born as a particular tribute to the digital age which has been around the world thanks to Instagram. The effect pixel has crossed the social networks, becoming the protagonist of the latest collections of major companies of hair products.

An innovative tool colouring achieves a new dimension capillaryplaying with movement and transforming these textures into the appearance of the effect of pixel, a game that have not been able to resist Kim Kardashian, converted into a beautiful snake.

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