Jennifer Lopez in a bikini at 50 years of age, is the new obsession with social networks


All you want to know what is the diet that you follow the “Diva of the Bronx” to keep this body and today he reveals one of his big secrets in the kitchen

Photos of Jennifer Lopez in a bikini have become the latest obsession of the social networks: everyone wants to know how to get maintain a body of heart attack in their 50 years and the reality is that there is a simple answer to that question.

The diva from the Bronx has a genetic privileged, as it has recognized itself in several occasions, but also makes every effort to stay in shape and one of their great secrets for taking care of your food passes by to have on the payroll a personal chef that knows very well what is expected of him.

Before the big events like his performance in the Super Bowl the past month of February, for example, the artist follows a very strict diet to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sugars to certain hours and days. During those weeks, your chef, Kelvin Fernandez, prepares each dish so that she does not have to be served once seated at the table and fall into the temptation of taking something that should not be.

This rule was implemented after the artist ate ‘by accident’ something which was not contemplated in your scheme.

If you get the pin, she throws it in the face, and it is your right to do so“ said the cook in an interview to Us Weekly. “On one occasion I wanted to do something nice for her, because she deserves it and works very hard, and I organized a family dinner. The next day he came to me and told me: ‘Kevin, last night I served it with rice’. I replied: ‘No, No, no, no. There was salad, there was chicken. You were the one that was released by the rice’“.

In your normal life, Jennifer never eat salmon because you do not like its texture and it is also not a big fan of the fruit, which is replaced by juices or green smoothies, but always make sure that your pantry is filled with the favorite food of every member of his large family.

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