Justin Bieber did a live chat with a few fans venezuelans


No one would imagine that in the recent live realiz Justin Bieber ended up chatting with a couple of venezuelans, but as it happened, and the result was very funny for the apparent lack of communication between both parties.

The artist canadian started to transmit live from its account of Instagram, and accepted an invitation of a user, who did not expect her to accept that but as it happened.

Are they passing a good night, speak English?, we asked the celebrity 26 years to the young venezuelans who confessed to him that not saban speak the language.

Very well and you cmo est?, expres the fantico at the time of start conversation in English, in which the actor demonstrated their knowledge basic as bilinge.

Very well, said the ex-boyfriend of Selena Gmez that I could not hide the smile at the hilarious video that was doing it.

The fanticos which saw the transfer also showed their laughter in the face of this fact so unusual it is to see an artist like Justin Bieber conversing in Spanish with a few fanticos Latin america.

The celebrity usually this type of lives from his Instagram with his fans, with whom he converses on various topics in short videos.