Karol G confesses which will when you finish the quarantine


Karol G it has been a trend in the social media because at the end of last week he surprised his fans with a Live concert in the middle of the quarantine. The artist played several of their musical hits and took the opportunity to answer some of the questions of their viewers.

One of the questions that were asked to the paisa was that what was the first thing I wanted to do when everything would return to normal.

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“First I want to get things back to normal, or whatever, please! I’m missing a lot, missing a lot my family is in Colombia, my sisters. But I have definitely had two months to make a very large list of endless things I want to do,” he said.

However, Karol G confessed that in these last few weeks he has only wished to be in Ibiza.

“I have not stopped talking that I really want to be in Ibiza with these clothes I’m wearing, sipping the cool and passing it brutal. I’ve realized that I really want to dance, then What do I do? Go to Ibiza and dance a lot”added.

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Another of the questions he answered was about the inspiration for ‘Follow’, the new single that he recorded with Anuel AA.

“It is a song of truth we wrote in the first few days of quarantine. We were at home making music (…) and together we did ‘Follow’. We just wanted to give something to our followers from us and with a video that demonstrated we were at home, we were caring, we were all pushing pa l same side” he said.

Finally, we revealed that super power I would like to have.

I think that I would have the super power to turn back the clock. There are some things that I knew would be bad and as I went in front of them. So, I think the return time would be a super power and please give me all the powers that have the wonder woman, ” he said.