Kate Beckinsale boasts figure during your vacation at the beach


Kate Beckinsale decided to take a short break and let go of her professional commitments for make one last trip vacation before the end of the year. And perhaps to counter the impending cold days, the performer has opted for a destination of sun and beach: Los Cabos, Mexico, an area well known for its luxury spas, its idyllic shores, and its vibrant nightlife.

And according to has ceased to see herself in your account of Instagram, it seems that he has managed to take great advantage of these rest days. The british shared with its more than three million followers, some images of his days under the sun, something that it started two days ago with a first instant in which he was posing in swimming trunks and black sandals high heels in one of the rooms of the Hotel Nobu Los Cabos, the luxury five-star resort that has been staying. “Out of office”, he wrote next to the image of the actress, thus giving part of the beginning of your getaway.

But have been her pictures in bikini on the beach that are garnering more attention thanks to the spectacular figure that looks. And is that Beckinsale, their 46 years of age, makes it clear that it retains a line to be envied. The bath ensemble with which he has settled is formed by a bottom of white color and a top without straps and with a leopard print. And next to the first of the images, the own Beckinsale has joked about the dangers of wearing a bathing suit in clear tones:

“What makes us human? Having to face our own mortality, questioning our origins through the philosophy, religion and science”wrote the interpreter, before adding displaying a great sense of humor, the following: “And also the fact that if we carry a part of the bottom of swimsuit white, in an hour, we’ll sit down over a chocolate ice cream”.

Beyond its resting boasting tipazo, the actress has also shared some other moments of his well-earned retirement relaxing in Los Cabos, which seems to be that it has been accompanied with a friend. Beckinsale premiered his last film work, the british film ‘Farming’, it was just a few weeksand the next year he gets busy, because it will be part of the cast of the films ‘Jolt’, along with Stanley Tucci, and ‘The Fool’ alongside Adrien Brody.