Kate Beckinsale: “men consistently do what they want”


Kate Beckinsale (46) has returned to make it very clear this week their commitment to feminist issues. The british, who is going through confinement in California with her new boyfriend, rocker Goody Grace (22)in the may issue of the magazine Womens Health. And in his talk with the media, the actress has taken the opportunity to point out some of the outstanding accounts that still have a society in which gender equality is concerned.

“It feels like a kind of political act, the fact of being a woman above the age of 32, that is having a good time”said Beckinsale, before pulling irony to exemplify what, in your opinion, is expected to be the behavior of women above that age: “Oh my God, I’m going to sit at home anticipating the menopause while I crochet. Unless you do something like that, it somehow seems that you’re being risky, which is a ridiculous thing”.

The british ensures that “you see that men consistently do what they wantwhether in relationships, when you decide to buy a bike or choosing to get a tattoo”. And it is here where, according to the artist, go the double yardstick: “That is not interpreted as ‘Why not have had more children?’ or ‘are you Going to decide to be a father at some point?’ or ‘why she’s had so many girlfriends?’

Beckinsale, who in recent years has attracted many covers for their romantic relationships with men quite younger than her, has also pointed out another of the perennial battlegrounds of feminism: the value judgments on the physical appearance of women. The interpreter considers that these are ashamed by the body, “a hundred million times more” than men.

However, in the particular case of the Hollywood industry, there are examples in all directions. So what has revealed itself referring to a conversation he had with Ben Affleck on one occasion, while both of them rolled to the orders of Michael Bay (filmmaker of the actress does not keep a good memory): “He had already done a film with the director and I said: ‘This has happened to me… I did get new teeth'”.

Finally, Beckinsale has reflected on what in your opinion would be the trick perfect for that couple relationships work: “I think people would take better marriage if you do not live in the same house. Being married is pretty easy, but it is the fact of living with that person which is much. I also think that women especially, and this is a generalization, but I think that is common in us, tend always to subyugarse mentally to whoever is in the same room.”