Kendall Jenner shows what the tennis trend for the summer


It is a fact that this year the tennis will not go anywhere. Prescriptoras style as Kendall Jenner, we have shown this on multiple occasions, but in the case of the top model american, she is the one who has worn the types of tennis that will be on trend this summer and you will be surprised to know that are not white in color.

The color blocking in tennis it is not something new, but it is a trend growing debate with force against the pristine and classic white models. On several occasions, Kendall Jenner you have saved their sneakers white in the closet to make way for models colorful, with stripes of vibrant hues you have given a twist to their outfits more casual and simple.

What color are the tennis in trend according to the Kendall Jenner?

Kendall Jenner confirmed the trend of the color blocking in tennis.

The eldest of the sisters Jenner has been blunt about it and in some of her outfits has shoes tennis with blocks of color in shades of oranges. In terms of the silhouette, does not conform with sneakers minimalists, on the contrary, he likes the models are chunky and the tennis retro of the firm Balanceboth are some of the designs that are in trend and that without a doubt, will continue to dominate during the summer.

What models of tennis are in trend according to the Kendall Jenner?

Kendall Jenner took to Talk black.

© Neil Mockford

This is another of the aspects in which the model has been very clear about it. Kendall Jenner has made the classic Converse type bootie his tennis favorites, and neither should be surprising, as these tennis (which are also retro-style) have gained ground in gateways and in the street-style. The way more trendy of combine them this summer is with pants straight with a hemline that will allow the tennis peek in its entirety, this is a trick style of Kendall Jenner of the that you can take inspiration.

What details are the tennis in trend according to the Kendall Jenner?

Kendall Jenner wears tennis animal print

© Pierre Suu

If there is something that Kendall Jenner we have shown that the less boring the tennis, more elevated and chic look to your outfit, how to achieve that? It is very simple: with sneakers patterned with animal print. On another occasion, the model took refuge in the trend of the Converse type bootie but in his version of animal print style zebra.

If you’re going to wear tennis shoes with this type of pattern, Kendall Jenner it shows us that the best way of wearing them is with garments which are complementary in neutral tones for your footwear to stand out and become the piece statement of your styling.

How to use the tennis that will be on trend for the summer, according to Kendall Jenner?

Kendall Jenner shows you how to combine black pants.

© Pierre Suu

The pants straight will be the best way to complement a outfit with tenniswith either color blocking or models retro. Kendall Jenner it shows us that the perfect silhouette is loose and the shot is carried to the hip with tops higher to discover a little bit of your abdomen, in the purest style of the nineties. This type of pants also positioned as a trend safe for this summer and are ideal for achieving looks casual and effortless that, combined with tennis the style of the top modelresult outfit on-trend simple but that hardly go unnoticed.

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