Kim Kardashian reveals what will happen with Kourtney in KUWTK


Today, the socialite, Kim Kardashian, went to the famous morning show ‘The Ellen Show’, where she talked with the host of the show, Ellen Degeneres, about several aspect of your professional life as well as his private life, however, the topic that gave the talk was his recent fight with one of her sisters, Kourtney.

Through the interview given by the wife of Kanye West, it revealed the future of her sister in ‘Keeping up with the Kardashianstherefore it is worth to mention that Kourtney expressed as not feeling well filming the reality show days after Kim the run of the program. “Kourtney and I just go to Japan. We are taking the time to listen to us” continued the socialite, “We’ve talked about everything and we have healed the wounds, I think we finally reached an agreement”said Kim’s for Ellen.

Kourtney does not leave KUWTK

Likewise, he revealed that, despite the wishes and uncomfortable moments that has happened to Kourtney during the recording of the reality, it will still appear in the famous program, although of course, not as much as before.

“To Kourtney just likes to burn when it wants to. If someone from the clan goes on vacation or takes a lot of time outside, other members of the family have to make up those hours. During this last year, Khloé and I have taken hours of Kourtney to cover it, because we need content for the show” continued Kim, “Being in this limbo and have to do all that is frustrating, so we come to the conclusion that Kourtney only filmed a little bit.”revealed the businesswoman.

Things will not improve for the Kardashian

Due to the controversy that has generated Kourtney within the clan Kardashian – Jenner, the wife of the interpreter ‘Closed on Sunday’, revealed that, if this season was rough, they should prepare for that which comes, as it will be much worse. “What really sucks is that the season of 18° will be out soon and it only gets worse instead of better”, expressed Kim.

Everything seems to indicate that the new season of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ give a lot to talk aboutfor now it only remains to wait until it debuts to see what it is that we have prepared to the viewers.