Kylie Jenner and the trend noventera followed by Jennifer Lopez

After passing by the blond platinum, the jet black or the candy hues more fun as the turquoise, Kylie Jenner he returned to his roots, and never better said! The celeb has chosen these days by dying your hair brown –her natural color– and quicken with wicks chunky to create a beauty look of high impact. This particular style is based on the maximum contrast, so that the highlights should be thicker and more clear than usual, something that is easily seen in their latest publications in social networks, where we see her with her mane gathered in a ponytail or loose, though always framed by the tresses on-trend.

With this new change of image, Kylie keeps in force the revival noventero that seems inexhaustible, and is in addition to other famous the likes of Jennifer Lopez , who has been given the task –of the hand of your stylist, of course– to rescue this look fallen into oblivion for years.

Kylie Jenner looks like their new yarns chunky in a queue of hair©@kyliejenner
Kylie Jenner brings the beauty trend of the 90’s

Wicks chunky to highlight

It is time to say goodbye –or at least until then– the balayage and all the wicks super fine coloring the hair entirely or mostly cover the tips with a gradient that replicates the effect sun-kissed. The substitutes are straight lines, ultra-defined and rather wider; in addition, they are used usually only two tones to mark that dark-light so characteristic, starting from the root to the ends, without neglecting the line of the birth or the pins.

Jennifer Lopez shows their wicks chunky in an intimate glamorous©@jlo
The diva Latin bet by the multiple strands wide

Volume, brightness, and contrast

These highlights it is also known as the little fair epithet of “striped zebra”, given the accuracy of the quasi-surgical that is required to, divide the hair into fragments of up to an inch before fading it. This is how you power the contrast between the deepest base and the thick strands in golden paints or honey. You can even space out –just as it did Jlo– and reach up to the crown to increase the brightness exponentially.