Lady Gaga is clear about how to sell ‘Chromatica’ to his fans gay: what about a jockstrap?


If something is clear about Lady Gaga, like many other divas of pop like Bad Gyal, is that you have to pamper everything possible to their gay public, critical to your career. And when he finally about the launch –delayed by the crisis of the coronavirus– of Chromatica, is releasing all of his heavy artillery.

We read continually that Lady Gaga knows how to give the gays what they want, and after the disappointment that was, for many of his followers LGBTI Joanne –and that’s after you won an Oscar thanks to A star is born–, with Chromatica it is clear that you are going to do everything possible to make us the most happy as possible. And not just with his music. It is now clear that everything is to achieve numbers 1, and sometimes there is only the music; all of the merchandising help, if it is well chosen.

If up to now the continuous filtration of songs Chromatica had fans of Lady Gaga something despistades, not to know if it is a marketing strategy –the last, Free Woman, has been widely celebrated–, the announcement of new products merchandising has aroused enormous expectation amongst them little monsters.

What is not clear to you if you want to buy the album of Gaga? Then maybe you will encourage the possibility of buying some briefs, a panties, or a jockstrapwith that they will give you a download of the album.

For the moment, it seems that the strategy works. And immediately the jockstrap with the logo Chromatica it has become the piece most desired by many, judging by the reaction on the social networks. The jokes and memes happenthat , and that is nothing usual for a pop artist to bet for selling a jockstrap as part of its merchandising official, right?

A move of the master of face the release of the long awaited new album of Lady Gaga the May 29,that insurance will give rise to lots of reactions from his fans, wearing the jockstrap while enjoying the album… or while use at other times of intimacy.