Laura Flowers was threatened of death by The Zetas


Laura Flowers has spent several years living in the United States and despite the fact that many people believe that this change was for wanting to find better employment opportunities as they have done several of his colleagues, says that the real reason is far removed from this, and that in reality due to the crime.

In a telephone interview with Televisa Shows, the actress announced that she put a business along to a friend of his and in the beginning things were going well, but a criminal group went to search for her to the local mall and threatened her, and although originally she did not take importance, things changed when they pulled his daughter in the matter.

“This is something that I started in Mexico many years ago, around 2008 or 2009, we got ourselves a small fortune by a friend vet and I to a local, don’t know how nice he was being. It was a vet in the area and the Emerald, and reached “Los Zetas” to ask for rent and I that the controller for a tube, gave me a lot of courage. From there they began to threaten to kidnap my daughter Mary and that is where I went in Mexico, she was ten years old then, and now, already has a 21″, Laura said.

This criminal group had its origin in the state of Tamaulipas, but quickly spread throughout the length and breadth of the Mexican Republic and within the major crimes committed were drug trafficking, transportation of drugs, extortion, kidnapping, murder, people trafficking and money laundering.

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