Lizzo is the first to arrive on the Grammy awards 2020 with a look to the style Marilyn Monroe


The singer with the highest number of nominations at the Grammy awards 2020, Lizzo, (eight to be exact) I was in charge of opening the red carpet! And although it has always been shown as a woman outgoing, and full of color on the red carpet of the awards, and even of his concerts, on this occasion, Lizzo took the direct inspiration of the icon of sensuality that has made Hollywood: Marilyn Monroe. Yes, born in Detroit, he decided to take a look completely blank and it looks that was inspired by one of the iconic looks of the actress.

Definitely, Lizzo I could not go undetected in its early Grammy awards and the white gown, strapless with a fur white, that made us travel back in time and make us feel in the era of the glamour of old Hollywood.

Obviously, Lizzo he knew how to give it your original touch and bold and combined it with a bag of musmo fur and some extravagant nails, we are sure, will go down in history. The singer ‘Truth Hurts’ took a design Altelier Versace that managed to combine the essence of the young singer perfectly, but in keeping with the spirit of the famous actress, who used the commented look a couple of decades ago.