Margot Robbie, underrated Hollywood production


Margot Robbie is a double star of the billboard this weekend, as the heroine of DC Comics Harley Quinn and the front of the cast of The scandal, a film about the harassment case that overthrew the mogul of Fox News Roger Ailes.

The world of Hollywood continues to be of the men. Very slowly, women are making headway and are defending their position in the industry, but still have to change a lot of things. Margot Robbie is not only an actress success nominated for an Oscar, but it is also a producer through LuckyChap Entertainment. But, as has told to the magazine Glamour UKstill it is very difficult to be taken seriously in the important issues of the production refers.

“They ask questions and I have the answers, but were directed to my fellow producers and I ask them: ‘As it is a matter of funding, I will ask him.’ And they answered: ‘In reality, she is the one who has the answer, you should ask her,'” she goes on to explain Robbie. “It is the social construction that we know. I think what’s interesting is that now the whole world is aware of this fact and usually realizes. I think that people want to embrace equality. And I also think that I am surprised not to have done it before, not being aware of it and not be in that vital moment,” he adds.

I don’t think that there is a moment in which you thought ‘you nailed it’

In addition, Margot has spoken of one of the most difficult moments of his career, which continues to suffer to this day: the syndrome of the impostor, a series of thoughts that make you believe insufficient to fill the position you have in society: “I Am very, very self-critical and I am very critical of my own work. I set a very high standard for me, I always want to be better and always think that I can be better,” says the actress. A clear example of this was the passion and dedication with which Margot’s classes was skating for four months to star in the film I, Tonya.

Founded in 2017, its production company LuckyChap Entertainment began to work on an important. Though Birds of prey will be your launch of more high-profile, LuckyChap has already sold a series of half-hour call Dollface to Hulu, finished production on the thriller independent Dreamland, and is preparing for Barbie, starring Robbie as the wrist holder. Be part of the production is the dream of many actors, but the passion, the dedication and the tenacity pure needs to be deterred more. The social networks of LuckyChap reveal a growing list of projects, almost all focusing on women. As Robbie has captivated audiences for years with his insight, interpretative, they are also likely to flourish behind the camera.

This is what happens when you have a producer, director and writer

“I don’t think there is a moment in which you thought ‘you nailed it’. I always think: ‘thou Hast made what thou didst set to do, but you missed the mark here and the next time you will do differently’. I have that inner voice that is fighting constantly for something better,” he says, speaking after what you would like to tell your I teenager: “I would like to tell you: ‘you’re really good’. The hardest thing for me was the syndrome of the impostor. Sometimes, I still have it and I think that all the world will realize: ‘How have you come here? Do you think you are good enough for this? Who has left to enter?'”. In spite of this, it is that insecurity that makes Margot what of all of itself and overcome day after day.

As a star who rose to fame in the middle of #MeToo, Robbie has entered in the spotlight of Hollywood. But these discussions are not the bullies, in fact, Robbie has planted its flag firmly as a fierce advocate for women in the film. In an interview with Vogueshe revealed how much he hates to be considered a pretty face. “I hate him, a lot,” he admitted. “I feel like a brat who says that because there are worse things, but I am not a bomb”.

Throughout his career he has strived to empower as many women as possible. Erin Benach, costume designer in Birds of prey Robbie , he pointed out that the costumes for the film – in the words of Robbie – “this is what happens when you have a producer, director and writer”. As the world prepares to see his deck cartoon Harley for the second time, Robbie left one thing very clear: don’t back down from their principles soon.